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Jascha Spivakovsky

HTML5 Website


Jascha Spivakosky, was a Russian-Australian piano virtuoso born in 1896, whom due to the wars and other circumstances had never made a single commercial recording despite his outstanding musical talent. His son and grandson, Michael and Eden Spivakovsky, managed to restore the home recordings of his practice sessions, with the help of British sound expert Andrew Rose, to produce a series of music albums. A dedicated website was hence needed to promote his music and celebrate his legacy.


The classic black and white was chosen as the colour scheme for the website to portray the sophistication, elegance and grandeur of Jascha Spivakovsky’s music. Photos are a very important element here as well, providing a vivid visual representation of the stories told. We digitally enhanced the old photos that Eden provided to ensure that they were all of consistent quality. A mini music player is also added to the website, allowing one to enjoy Jascha’s incredible pianistic talent, while browsing through the chapters of his music legacy. Throughout the website, subtle animations were employed with HTML5 scripting.

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